Leadership and Adventure

Enabling adventures like this and simultaneously being a business leader needs some thinking. However, this is the case with any activity anyway! I have seen may advantages when preparing for my absence.

In order for decisions to work, processes to continue, projects go forward, the company culture to live etc. you have to go through what you really spend your hours on. You start asking questions such as: Why do I do this? Is it needed? What comes from this activity? Who is the receiver? In the end, both the business and I personally win from asking these questions. The interesting part comes when you realize that the same questions arise in the adventure planning.

We empower everyone

We empower everyone towards greater responsibility and trust each other, then we grow as individuals as well. When we trust each other the operation is more efficient and we can focus on happiness and new opportunities. The reward as a leader is true happiness. You reach a next level in leadership at this stage. I am so fascinated from observing how a group of people evolve towards being a team. If you manage this well you can move fast with new groups of people without traditional hierarchical thinking. The opportunities are so vast so this must simply work. I am learning more and more about this.

An adventure is the best you can do if you think you have too much to do!