We traveled by TATA offroad cars from Kathmandu yesterday. The goal was to reach the Rolwaling Valley and set the first camp with tents. The drive took us 8 hours & 180 km on roads I never would drive myself… Unfortunately we were surprised by a truck that broke down during the work of repairing earthquake damages. This blocked the entire road in

the valley. So, the trekking adventure started much earlier than we had expected. By 20:00 we still were walking up the valley when a blizzard storm with rain hit the valley. But, our fantastic team leader Annelie and the 15 man power Sherpa team solved this and we had both dinner and a hut in the village of Lagat to sleep in for the night. Without Mr. Chhiring Dorje Sherpa fast solutions wouldn’t be possible. Chhiring is a great guy and is a world famous Sherpa with most mountains in the Himalayas on his list. He has climed Mt Everest 12 times. My health is good, but I do realize that you can’t prepare too much for this adventure. I had problems getting to sleep and stayed awake most night which was tough to me. Of course I was a bit uncomfortable since the next day required lots of energi for the first climbing day. 


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