Living close to or even at the edge of my own capacity wasn’t something I strived towards some years ago. However, as time passes by I have learnt to manage and appreciate this and today it’s an essential part of me staying happy. This is a living philosophy that supports me in my daily life.

Sometimes I also name it getting outside my comfortzone, although that´s a worn out expression. I started wondering how thoughts and impulsecontrol get trained as I approach situations where I’m exposed to increased risk that I have to manage. Mastering my thoughts and emotions was the first step in not entering situations  towards uncontrolled anxiety. I ´m so curious about this topic and need to understand this more since my expeditions become more demanding and advanced ahead.  My ambition isn’t to suffocate my emotions in edgy situations, they serve as sensors and make me stay proactive and creative in edgy situations. It´s so exciting exploring this area. It´s also about coaching others in my team and I want to do it great!

I have a dream with the upcoming Denali Expedition in Alaska and thats to climb with no resistens and total thoughts control. This might sound unrealistic but I truly believe that with the proper training the experience can be very close to this. In my recent expedition to Ama Dablam I took one step ahead towards this direction. It´s a fantastic feeling but something needed to be managed upon returning home when you miss the edgy living.

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Being curious isn’t something I have chosen to be, it’s just part of my identity. My curiosity is very present in situations where I approach my outer edge of performance. I have learnt that these situations help me train focus and creativity which are features I think are essential when you need to manage surprises in edgy situations. You can train yourself towards managing fear by exposing yourself to situations where you generate the emotion you feel in a situation of fear. Fear is something you have to embrace with curiousity, hang out with and not turning your back to and escape from. I try to think this way independently if I act as a business leader or an adventurer at high altitude because all this requires personal leadership.

Just a simple example, I am afraid of darkness in woods. I know I have to expose myself to this regularly in order to manage the emotion that fuels my thoughts. Wrong thoughts as a consequence of surprises in edgy situations can lead to paralysis and undesirable reactions. I have learnt that this particular harmless training helps me in many other situations of fear – managing cold hands, bad sleep etc. All these are subject to uncontrolled hormone supplement and finally the generation of thoughts that I need to manage. It´s one way to mentally prepare for more demanding projects. If you learn to appreciate an edgy environment you become more secure in mastering it. I use myself and the expeditions as an exploration material.

Hopefully someone can use these insights in their journey and take a shortcut in life. However, searching is pretty enjoyable.