The total climb today took us 4,5 hours and brought us 854m up to the Base Camp at the altitude of 4985m (good work Sunnto 🙂 ) .Some parts of the climb went through snow but we were still lucky with some sunshine. Just 300m from our group an avalanche from a glacier pulled off with a great rooring sound and ended up with a big snow and ice cloud, really exciting, we were safe all time. All tents are now setup which is great since it has started to snow the last two hours. We have 10cm of snow which shouldn’t be a problem for the summit. The Base Camp looks like a pretty rough place right now, snow, rocks and way off civilization. However, when the sky gets clear tomorrow the camera gets hot! The plan is to get to sleep now and start summiting at 04:00. We are all in very good shape and excited to get started with the glacier snow and ice climbing. 
Talung Ri next !!

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