Today was an early day starting at 05:00 with pulling down the tents and loading the mules at Casa De Piedra camp, 3200m. It was minus five degrees and things where dark and cold. A five minute “breakfast” and we where heading towards Plaza Argentina, 4200m. We had to cross a partly frozen river delta which to some extent was and adventure with all ice. Five hours later we entered the camp also called “Base Camp”. It was tough with speed we had but the scenery was just amazing. Climbing up through the narrow valley when the morning-sun crossed the mountain ridge was touching. Due to the deep valley it was lightened in some 15 seconds which is an unbeatable experience that I never have seen before.

Arriving at the Inka Base Camp, 4200m was a contrast to the entire day when we were welcomed by the Inka team manager and Chef to the tones of Rolling Stones “Paint it Black”. We recovered very fast after a fresh fruit cocktail, sausages, cheese etc. One of hour team members has run into some trouble with a hip muscle and a nasty blizzard on the right foot so we are lucky the camp has a doctor that can repair him now. The Inka Base Camp is a tent and dome camp that has most of what you need in order to get prepared for the higher camps 1,2 and 3. I am going to focus on my yoga for the preparations. Physically I am ok but occasionally need better thoughts control. I feel that all training has paid off well since I felt very good arriving today.

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