Three days to Kathmandu departure now! Its so great to be so close to my life’s greatest adventure! It´s time for adventure when dreams are experienced in reality! The most common question I have received lately is if I have seen the movie “Everest”  and the answer is – no! I want to build my own impression from the Everest environment and North Col. I have picked up lots of advice from Robin Trygg and Annelie Pompe during this project. They are so great people and I feel so fortunate to have been in expeditions with both of them. I am well prepared for the challenge getting to North Col.

When I started my journey towards Everest I didn’t know how to design my training program. My PT Hernan Adriasola has helped me out with the design and lots of advise during the last year. Linda Sjölund has been a great asset in order to build more flexibility in my body and controlled breathing with the Yoga training.

During the last 7 months I have applied Hernan’s training program and now I am so curious about the impact it will have on my performance at Mt Everest. I remember how I felt at the Yalung Ri summit and I wasn’t very impressed to be honest! My threshold and oxygene takeup wasn’t sufficient.

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Hernan designed a program for a 7 month phased training program. Today I am in Phase 5. One important activity was the VO2 Max test that provided threshold and max pulse values to adapt the training towards.

  • Phase 1: Base building: 4-5km running + 15 station weight training 3 x 2 hours a week + Yoga 45 min
  • Phase 2: Increase threshold lactate: Pulse based training 10×2 min. on max pulse 172 BPM combined with weight training 6 stations 2 hours + Yoga 45 min. 3 x 2,5 hours a week
  • Phase 3: Increase threshold lactate: Pulse based training 5×4 min. on 90% av max pulse combined with weight training 6 stations 2 hours + Yoga 45 min.3 x 2,5 hours a week
  • Phase 4: Increased oxygen takeup and durability: 70-90% of max pulse during 8-10km, combined with with weight training upper and lower body alternately 2 hours + Yoga 45 min, 3 x 2 hours a week
  • Phase 5: Tapering phase, 4-5km + weight training 1½ hours + 30 min Yoga x 2 times a week
  • Phase 6: Maintenance: 2 weeks before departure trekking 9 km + lighter weight training + Yoga 30min

So, how do I feel now? Overall things are great. Sometimes I feel a bit overtrained and I haven’t really learnt how to manage this feeling so it doesn’t swing around into performance anxiety. The hardest part was phase 2 but it was extremely important to get it right. But, even more challenging is to enter the tapering phase from a mental standpoint! One part of me believes more training is great and one reasonable part tells me to follow Hernans program – which ofcourse is the right way. 10km trekking and hilltraining with crampons has also been a part of the training aswell. That part is extremely important because that’s when I test the entire system with body and equipment.







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