Three days ago we emptied Base Camp from essential equipment that we will be needing in Advanced Base Camp. The last day in the Base Camp Chhiring arranged a so called Puja Ceremony in our Camp with two Lamas. With the Puja we will be successful when we take the big step according to the local Buddhist tradition. We were very fortunate to have the head Lama from the Rumbu Monestary visit us. This monestary is located 4km from Base Camp.
Unfortunately one team member had to stay in the Base Camp due to pressure over the chest and get medical treatment. He is at this time much better and plan towards Interim Camp for tomorrow.
Lots have happened during the last days. We have moved up to Advanced Based Camp 6350m and arrived yesterday. The trekk from Base Camp to Interim Camp was hard again …… and took us 7 hours. However, the trekk from Interim Camp to Advanced Base Camp through the Rumbu Glacier was the toughest so fare and took us 6,5 hours to go the 7,4km. It was so hard… we went from 5800m to 6350m. What made it so hard was the accent of 1180m and descent of 600m during the same move. I worked with all my tools I have but after 5 hours my energy level was too low. Chhiring picked up my backpack for one hour which helped. But several things combined ran me into this situation – too warm clothes, wrong lunch eating and wrong pole technique. When I trekk under tough conditions I work with three areas: my physical body, mindset and thoughts. I try to move into an environment where I regard these three as my “machine”. During the trekk I monitor the machine all the time. This time it didn’t work. Once we arrived in ABC I could recover. But, I was so angry and upset with myself…..I can do better.
ABC was extremely cold this night (-25deg) and with strong wind again it was cold. But I slept great with the equipment I have. During daytime we have light wind and sunshine.
We are going to give North Col a try tomorrow so currently I am accumulating all energy I can. You can see North Col on one of the pictures.

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