Yesterday at 15:10 I reached the North Col together with Chhiring. The highest point was 7060m. I am so happy that it finally worked after four days in Advanced Base Camp and one failure. I did it!!
North Col is such a beautiful and tough place at the same time and provides views into both Nepal and Tibet-China. The most important view is however the Peak! In some way things connected so nice as I could see Kala Pather in Nepal where I stood in October last year with Robin Trygg and Chhiring. I was very tempted to continue “just a little bit” towards the Everest peak, Chhiring’s comment was only “not so good” and started laughing in his personal style that I love! The rope climb up to the Col is a 300m altitude and 45degree snow and ice wall. Some parts are steeper and some less. I had the best possible weather conditions with blue sky and low wind speed – couldn’t ask for more! We managed in eight hours including a 1,5 hour awesome stay in North Col. The plan was a sleepover but we ran out of time.
So, what happened behind all nice words!! This was of course a struggle with lots of pain and frustration before things worked. I arrived in ABC with zero-energy which took me two days to get under control. I slept bad etc.
The third day we trekked to the crampons point where the ice/rock/snow starts for North Col. I felt that I didn’t have the proper energy level when needed, my body didn’t respond. At the same time wind increased and it started snowing, we returned to the ABC. I started doubting if I would be in a shape to do this at all. Both Chhiring and myself were very sad about the situation and Erik and G tried to push and motivate me. The only answer they got from me was “let’s see…”. I went to sleep in the tent.
The next morning on the fourth day I woke up and felt better in my hole “machine”. Of course, Chhiring was the first one popping into my tent ” how are you?” My response was “lets go” and the heat was on. Chhiring was just as excited as me because he was truly so sad the night before. All team mates gave me all mental support. Within an hour Chhiring and myself packed and went off with the goal to Summit – Chhiring had a plan and went for it. I am so happy it worked and I gained a lifetime experience!!

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