This is the last night in our Na camp. Tomorrow is the time to leave for an higher altitude which means Base Camp for the Yalung Ri peak 5900m. The Base Camp provides us with more altitude training. Since the peak summit will have an incline of 45-70 degrees our training today has been designed to master this in ice and snow in a secure manner. Today our training also included a trekk in a glacier area 500m above Na Camp. The weather today was mostly great and we had sunshine until 15:00. Things change extremely fast here, we had snow later during the day. You have to be very careful with keeping warm – there is no escape here, I have by tent and I expect -10degress tonight. When the sun rises above the peaks around us the time is 07:00. The sun is really a great present and means alot. I am happy that my health has stayed great so fare so my energy can stay focused on the summit. 

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