All camps are now established – Base Camp, Interim Camp and Advanced Base Camp. Each team member has his/her own tent in each camp. We have staff in each camp making it possible to traverse between the different camps during acclimatization. It’s a hard mental activity going down 1000m once you have reached 6100m but it’s necessary in order to acclimatize. We are doing an overnight visit to Base Camp today. This makes it possible to accumulate energy and mental strength for the trekk to Advanced Base Camp in two days. Thats when the climbing to North Col will gets close. The North Col climb is planned for the 2nd of May with an overnight stay at 7300m. The trekk to ABC camp will require more equipment such as 30 oxygene bottles for the entire team, just in case…
The weather is fairly good now but we have very strong wind and no expeditions can summit right now. We can see the peek all time and see how snowclouds are created in the windshadow of the peak. Sunshine is extremely strong and especially when walking on glacier ice so we use 50-100 in sun protection factor. Glasses with at least Spectron 4 or similar are needed.

Health is still ok. I only struggle with a sore throat during night and a crack in the upper lip, it’s manageable and will be fixed by tommorow. During the ascending phases you breath cold air heavy and protecting your airways is essential and difficult.

What about team spirit? Things work very good and we have come to the point where we talk about most things in life, behave free in all aspects. Respecting each other and providing support works because the edge is sharp regarding when you need support yourself.

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Decisions are made easy and mostly things end up with – what do you think Chhiring? It’s important to stay happy and express happiness at all times and I try to contribute in different situations. Chhiring and I try to compete on different topics now and then. One of the bad things I did was trying to race Chhiring on a 10m high hill at 5800m – he won as expected. It’s on a video, I will get back to it.

Missing something in equipment? No, the Norröna and Suunto equipment is great. The SolidEngineer/SolidWorks engineered gear will be used by ABC to North Col.

Well, possibly a sandwich with lots of Swedish “Kalles Kaviar”..
Currently I take a lot of photos and shot videos more or less usable. Every day I start with a selfie in order to see what I look like and in most cases I close my eyes again after the shot -hahaha.

Sometimes you aren’t aware of what’s behind you. One of the images below with Mt Everest as background appeared in a strange way – can you see the Everest face looking down at me?