Today we reached 3800m when we arrived in the village of Beding. This little village has 65 inhabitants and a little school. The lifestyle seems to have stayed the same for the last 500 years. No information from outside the world is available other than foot-news 3 days away. It’s amazing that a little village can exist on these heights. The total trekk today was only 11 km but some crossings over rivers had been damaged so IT took us almost 8 hours. 1000m in one day is very much and getting over 3000m is a challenge, this is when high altitude sickness ockers. Two in our team had to take medicine against this today. 

We are going to stay here two days for the acclimatization and climbing training. Satelitcommunication was been difficult due to thick clouds but the main challenge is still to get out pictures, we will see what solution may come across.. 

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