Sir Edmund Hillary and Tengzing Norgay climbed Mt Everest in 1953. Today we left the normal route up to Namche when Chhiring decided to give is something special. We trekked on exactly the same and original trekk that these gentlemen made with approx. 100 people 63 years ago. Today the path is 1-2m wide but great for an historical trekk. It’s good to get the perspective on their challenges.

Today we entered the Sagarmatha National Park and this means that we have reached the same area in which Mt Everest is located. But it will still take us two more days get even close to the mountain. We covered 900m altitude meters today and reached Namche at the altitude of 3445m (Suunto). We had a great day without any accidents or problems – only fantastic views and adventures. Robin Trygg and Chhiring are great leaders in this expedition. Crossing the longest hang bridge in Sagarmatha was an awesome experience that I loved (150m long and 100m down to the river).

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